Today we celebrate Creative Criminals first birthday! The three of us have posted 962 creative advertisements the past year and so far we have enjoyed every single one. We will continue to do so this year and we hopefully can surprise you with a new creative layout for the blog in the following months. We would like to thank all of you for visiting our blog and in special Ahfatt, the designer who created all creative animal characters.

Now we would like to share some (funny) facts and figures with you guys:

1. Creative Criminals is run by Bert Callens, Rindert Dalstra & Sander Janssen.
2. 470.494 unique visitors from 188 countries have visited our blog.
3. We have 1,161 followers on Facebook and 1,874 on Twitter.
4. The most viewed post is “Creative bus stop advertisements” followed by “Pantogar: Memo Pad“.
5. We have earned 200 USD with Bert’s Vintage Tuesday posts.
6. The past year three visitors came from the probably most unkown country called Kyrgyzstan.
7. Famous advertising agencies as Saatchi & Saatchi, Young & Rubican, BBDO, DDB, Duval Guillaume, JWT and Ogilvy have complimented us on our blog.
8. On December 7th we had the most vistors in one day: 33.769.