The Cannes Lions, the biggest international advertising festival, ended last week. This special occasion should definitely not go unnoticed on We’ve gathered for you the absolute winners of the festival, the highly prestigious Grand Prix Lions.

Every thumbnail below is clickable and after the jump you can watch the full campaigns. A Special shout out goes to Pereira & O’Dell San Fransisco, for winning 3 Grand Prix Lions for their ‘The Beauty Inside’ campaign. And even more impressive to McCann Melbourne for winning 5 for the ‘Dumb ways to die’ campaign. But let’s not forget that last year was the year of ‘Redbull Stratos’ as well, this campaign however was never entered into the competition because they saw it as content and not as an advertising campaign. Besides all the categories listed below there are 3 more categories which we didn’t mention: the Press Lions, Special awards & Young Lions. If you want to check them out as well you should definitely visit the Cannes Lions official website.