In the past we’ve seen almost everything can be used as a medium for advertising, bus stops, elevators, escalators, benches etc. Today we present you a compilation of 28 of the most creative business cards ever made. Enjoy them all after the break.

1. Broke bike alley

2. Mais Pilates

3. Credit counselling society

4. Tok Tok

5. X-ray business cards

6. Cosmetic surgery

7. Franco Caligiuri, Financial security & Investment Representative

8. Sandra Boils, Jazz vocalist

9. Norbwin, model aircraft supply

10. Tam Cargo

11. BC Adventure, Survival training

12. AGRIE, Paint services

13. Ecological businesscard

14. Wildlabs, tape

15. Yoga one

16. Studio Saus

17. Laser Printing Inc., Google

18. Reflection, Dental care

19. LEGO

20. Lindsey Casabella, Stylist

21. Cardnetics, Coin shooter

22. Gengavan, Second hand

23. Adrian Likins

24. Gabriel Santiago

25. Alex Backhouse, Personal trainer and nutritionist

26. James Mahon, Divorce lawyer

27. Sundial

28. Lost in translation, Peanut (Can someone help us out with the translation?)

Through the years we’ve made a ton of compilations, below you can find a summary of all of them. Check it out!

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Absolut, places
Got Milk?
Skittles, Taste the rainbow
Centraal Beheer Achmea, just call us, Life’s too short for the wrong job
Apple, Think different