Elevator advertising targets an interested and varied audience, everyday just before key buying decisions are made. Key ad exposures include when consumers are leaving and returning from work, go to buy groceries or go out for evening entertainment.

This month we have selected the most creative elevator advertisements that make you look twice! View all elevator advertisements after the jump.

1. Movie: Kill Bill

2. Accor Hotel for Olympic Games Sydney

3. Achilles Forklift

4. Air Aisia

5. Alliance

6. Animal Planet

7. Becel: Take action. Love your heart

8. Body World

9. Boeckers Pest Control

10. Coca Cola Zero

11. Maxwell House: Morning Alarm

12. Consol Energy

13. Divorce Lawyer

14. Divorce Lawyer

15. Durex

16. Ecoblog

17. Movie: Superman

18. Fiat Punto: Parking Sensors

19. Folliderm: Prevent hair loss

20. Gold Gym

21. Gold Gym

22. Jelly Tots

23. McDonald’s

24. McDonald’s

25. Mini

26. Oreo

27. Pepsi

28. Resident Evil

29. Semina Lubricant Gel: Gay Pride Parade

30. Shopping Tjuca

31. Snuff

32. Weight Watchers

33. Stop abuse

34. Volkwagen for Safety

35. Kagatani knives