As everybody knowns an escalator is a moving staircase, a device for carrying people between floors of a building. Since people tend to stand still on escalators it is an ideal place for brands to display their advertisements. This month we have selected 18 creative escalator advertisements.

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1. Duracell

2. Stabilo Boss

3. Coca Cola

4. DHL

5. HopiHari Theme Park

6. Head & Shoulders

7. Pantene

8. Pizza Kingdom

9. Tata Mutual Fund

10. Pritt: Correct it

11. Hyundai

12. Venus

13. Consol Energy

14. Juice Salon

15. HP: Photosmart

16. Haribo: Candy

17. Film Festival

18. Demolicion Magazine: Surf

19. Revita

20. The Simpsons Movie