Adolf Hitler was the face and brain of the rise of fascism in Europe, World War II and the Holocaust. He is considered to be one of the most cruel dictators of all time and during his reign he is held responsible for murdering millions of innocent people. So why using this evil man in contemporary advertising campaigns?

Because Hitler can shock, and shock-vertising has always been eye-catching. Here’s a series of ads where the dictator is often derided.. Please note that this post is only compiled in the sake of creative advertising ideas, not to harm or shock anyone whatsoever.

1. Docmorris: Use a condom

2. Sedicis (Deodorant): There are Gestures that are frightening

3. Gillette: Irresistible shaves

4. Waterstones: The power of books

5. Saatchi & Saatchi (Recruitment): If you could sell this…

6. AIDS Prevention: Protect Yourself

7. G92 Galaxy FM: Black people are the future of music

8. 7840’s Basement (Bar): Relax

9. Comedy Central: We take it Serious

10. Hewlett Packard: 8GB of political speeches

11. Humo (Magazine): Mixing Cultures makes anyone more human

12. Zerocento (Clothing Line): Change style. Don’t follow your leader

13. Onida: Anti-reflective Led TV’s

14. Football Resistance: Fascism & Football don’t match

15. Pamplona Boxing: Settle it in the ring

16. Hell Pizza

17. NO2ID: ID Cards have worked well in Europe before

18. Dry Cleaning: Cleaning up all sort of stains

19. Kindersnoetjes: Kids are cute, so treasure the moment

20. Herbal Laxative Tea: Release the Demon

21. Movement against Racism & Xenophobia: Facism + Communism

22. Sky TV: Just the Highlights

23. Saatchi & Saatchi (Museum): From Hitler tot Dali

24. Hut Weber hats: It’s the hat

25. CNA Retailer Stores: If Hitler and James Dean would have a baby

26. Nulaid Eggs: History produced a lot of bad eggs, thankfully, ours are always good

27. Africa Directo Malaria: Nothing and no one takes as many lives as Malaria

28. Citizen Control: Anti-CCTV

29. Weimer Pursell: Cab-Sharing Club

30. 7x Munich: Bad Hair

31. Sports Illustrated: There’s more to the story than just the game

32. Cabelos Cia (Magazine): Find the perfect match

33. Hideki: Barber Shop

34. A Bela Sintra: Some things get better with time

35. Unimo: Anti Cigarettes

36. Political Message: Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

37. Image Bank: No matter what you say, a picture says more

38. The Reader’s Book Shop

39. Juno Verlag & Co: Monopol

40. Award For Social Responsibility: Adolf Chaplin

41. Cape Time: The sooner you know, the sooner you act

42. Electro Static Dust Cloth

43. Beauty Without Cruelty: Your looks won’t kill

44. Raysana anti-stress tea: Make peace with the world

45. Luxor Highlighters

46. TIM: Living without borders

47. Noah Fur: Those who wear Fur have no respect for life

48. Trojan Condoms

49. ExitGermany: Museum Supervisor

50. KHM Kunsthistorisches Museum: Hitler the Painter

51. History Channel: History repeats

52. Movistar Mobile Phone Operator: Happy Mother’s Day

53. Against Nazi’s: Some dangers aren’t evident at first glance

54. Against Female Foeticide

55. Lamdash Electric Razor

56. SOKOS (Clothing Line): Extraordinary

57. Children’s Day Gifts