Every 5 minutes, a woman is assaulted in Brazil. But most of those women who suffer from domestic violence are too afraid to report their aggressors and use simple excuses to explain their injuries.

Curiosidade Salva saw in that an opportunity to show how hard it is to notice those signs, but there's still a way anyone can help: People only need to be a litlle bit curious. To get interested. To search for more. WThe non-profit organization wanted to show that curiosity can save lives.

They asked the most influential brazilian female celebrities to post those excuses on a series of enigmatic sentences: "It was a stair fall.", "It was the shower faucet", and others.

It aroused people's curiosity. The fans noticed that the posts were edited and clicked on the Edited button. Then they saw their message.A Facebook feature turned into a new free media showing that curiosity can save assaulted women's lives.