Speeding is one of the main causes of traffic accidents. Every year in Russia, around 200 thousand people are injured or killed.The Intouch Insurance company, which stands for responsible driving, wanted to convey the dreadful consequences of speeding to drivers.

Some of the most viewed videos on the Internet among Russian users are crash videos captured on dash cams, which are popular across our country. They decided to use the format of such videos as a channel of communication.

They figured that inserting frames from the alternative footage into the primary one at given intervals would cause the viewer watching the timeline thumbnails to see the animation from the alternative footage instead of the primary one. Intouch then uploaded a video entitled "Most terrible fatal car crash ever".

By clicking on it, the user would expect to see the accident mentioned, but the video would not meet his expectations. In the video, one car is overtakes another that was maintaining the allowed speed. Nothing more.          

Because our drivers are all impatient, they want to find the mentioned car crash quickly. As soon as the user drags the timeline forward to find the crash, in the preview window he sees the alternative sequence, in which the car veers off into the oncoming lane, where a head on collision with a truck occurs. Then the user sees our message