The Swedish insurance company Länsförsäkringar started a successful movement towards fake online facades that are causing low self-esteem and anxiety among teenagers. How? By turning influencers into human billboards – with a message against their own perfectionism. 

Social media is damaging the mental health of Swedish teenagers due to constant comparisons with influencers and unattainable ideals. Länsförsäkringar, who in various ways are helping young people to grow and believe in themselves, wanted to shine a light on this and help teens see beyond all fake online facades. 

But teens wouldn’t listen to an insurance company… So the problem became the solution. Länsförsäkringar hijackaed superficial venues – several major Swedish fashion events – and joined forces with the people causing the problem: influencers on front row. They became the solution, wearing the #ImPerfect* t-shirt they turned into human billboards with a contradictory message against their own perfectionism. Teenagers closest online relation was used to change social feeds, making flaws and individuality the new ideal.