Volkswagen Denmark has released a new short film entitled ‘Generations’. In it, the German car giant shows off a more emotional side of the brand. The film has been created in collaboration with Very Agency, and it kick-starts Volkswagen Denmark’s new content platform.

The goal of the new platform is to focus more on the person behind the wheel in a Volkswagen – and less on the technology under the hood. This is done by telling a story about the effort to become a better version of the previous generation.

”For some, a Volkswagen is just a means of transportation. But for many people, it is a part of their family’s history and memories. For generations, the brand has been part of the lives of many Danes, and for that reason alone, many emotions are attached to the brand – and we feel that these emotions deserve to be communicated,” says Michael Stein, who is Head of Marketing at Volkswagen Denmark.