Glorix, a household brand, wanted to launch a mosquito repellent line. To promote it, BBDO Russia Group came up with not a simple idea, but rather a mission: Glorix repellent protects your blood so you could donate it to other people. With such a non-standard approach, the launch event of the campaign was even more out-of the box. It was an exhibition of micro-portraits of people, each one made from a blood trace of a slapped mosquito. 

That’s how BBDO Russia Group showed that even one blood drop taken by a mosquito could be decisive in saving a person in trouble. Glorix campaign is a symbiosis of contemporary art and social activism. This campaign shows how protection from mosquitos can help people save their blood and encourage them to donate it and help to save someone’s life. 

The project “Blood Portraits” received a massive coverage, 80% of visitors potentially agreed to donate the blood right at the spot. So that gave us enough proof to continue this campaign with a blood donation event later in summer.