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Rindert Dalstra

Mr. Penguin represents Rindert Dalstra. He is 29 years old and born in The Netherlands. Rindert moved to Belgium some time ago and has set up base to pursue his calling in the advertising world.

Rindert has completed his internship at Mortierbrigade - one of the most creative advertising agencies in Belgium. This is where his passion for advertising formed and matured, and in 2010 Rindert participated in the The Farm by Proximity BBDO.

In addition to a zealous passion for advertising, Rindert has a keen interest in traveling. To date, he has lived in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, United States, Finland & the United Kingdom.

His favourite campaigns are those that have an online and offline interactive component. For example: The Pepsi Like Machine adheres to this feature. Rindert is currently working as a Digital Strategic Planner at advertising agency TBWA in Belgium.

Bert Callens

The Ninja Monkey symbolises Bert Callens. He is 27 years old and lives in Brussels. Together with his partner in crime Rindert (Mr. Penguin), Bert finished his Masters in Marketing at Coventry University, UK. In his last year he investigated the power of ambient and guerrilla campaigns for sport clubs, which proved to be quite refreshing and inspirational for several sport clubs in the UK.

Bert has completed an internship at Boondoggle; the agency where fellow Creative Criminal Sander is currently based. Subsequently, he worked almost 3 years as a Media Planner at Mindshare Belgium and is now a digital manager at Mazda. He also writes marketing articles for De Standaard - one of the leading newspapers in Belgium.

Bert is fond of storytelling campaigns, such as “Little hands” from Herringbone & “Running with James Jarvis” from Nike. Furthermore, he is also a great fan of integrated campaigns where all the media is linked to each other, for example "Stratos" from Red Bull.

Sander Janssen

The Crazy Meerkat is known in the real world as Sander Janssen. He is 26 years old while living and working in Leuven - the home of the famous and rather delicious Stella Artois beer.

Sander began his career at Isobar Belgium while specializing in social media advertising. At the moment he is a Strategic Planner at Boondoggle, one of the top Belgian advertising agencies.

Sander lives digital and breathes social media - is in constant war against Windows, and a crusader for Mac. When Sander isn’t online concocting world domination he is probably travelling again. Sander grabs every opportunity he can to see a new part of the globe.

He is passionate about music, art, design and literature. According to Sander, the philosophy behind an advertising campaign is very important. His all-time favourite campaign is ‘Think different’, generated by Apple and launched in the late 90’s.

Contact information

The CreativeCriminals.com headquarters resides in Belgium (That’s right. We are a classified elite from a country in Europe).

Tel: +32 497 888 439
Email: info@creativecriminals.com

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