Frequently Asked Questions


1.Dispatch malfunction! Where is my new password?
You should have obtained a confirmation message. Check your spam folder. If you still can’t locate the escaped email, contact us at
2.How do I login?
If you’re already one of us, simply click here to login. Just so you know for future reference, the login/register button can be located at the top right corner.
3.How can I contact you guys?
Don’t panic, if you need to get in touch, click on contact us in the menu or shoot us an email at
4.Why should I add credits?
Your fellow criminals and others alike work very hard to create respectable campaigns, and that’s why we believe they should get the recognition they deserve. Besides, the credits are also linked to the member profiles. Bonus!
5.Who verifies the credits?
To be sure the appropriate credits are given to the people who deserve them, our security squad will always double check them before publishing.
6.How do I register?
Firstly you need to have access to an exclusive invitation code; combined with a professional agency email address. Copy that? Well what are you waiting for… Click here
7.How can I add a campaign?
Access the ‘submit work’ command located in the menu above and follow the straightforward instructions to campaign stardom.
8.Why should I add an award?
If a campaign was so spectacular it managed to win a prestige award, it should undoubtedly be mentioned here. So please go ahead and add an accomplished award to gain your fame to victory.
9.Who verifies the added awards?
To ensure the appropriate awards are successfully linked to the triumphant campaigns, our team of security specialists will always verify them before publishing.
10.How can I add my agency to the ranking?
Once your agency profile has been successfully initiated, your agency will be automatically added to the ranking once we’ve verified its authenticity.
11.How can I enhance my existing ranking?
The ranking is based on your love count. What’s that you say? Yes, you did hear correctly - every love your campaign is awarded increases your overall ranking.
12.How often is the ranking updated?
Witness your ranking rise right before your eyes. Every single love awarded to you will have an immediate influence on your ranking.
13.How can I add a campaign?
Engage the submit work tab in the menu above and follow the simple instructions that follow.
14.Why should I modify agency details?
Our fleet of Jedi masters work rigorously to investigate all cases, but some agencies just fall through the net. This is why we need your support and assistance to confirm certain agency information is up-to-date.
15.Who verifies the changes?
To ensure accurate agency information is submitted and we have verified you are not an imposter hell bent on sabotaging agency organisations across the globe, our staff of security will always inspect the proposals before publishing.
16.How can I announce a job?
Merely engage the big red button located at the top of this page and follow the instructions that follow.
17.Can I get a discount if I post several jobs?
There’s certainly no harm in trying and we promise not to annihilate you for asking the question. Just get in touch at
18.How can I modify a vacancy I posted?
For security purposes and in order to keep the vacancy announcements entirely protected from opposing radicals, we cannot allow you to make the modifications. But if you contact us at our information ninja specialists will hastily make the amendments for you.
19.How can I add my award show?
Merely engage the big red button located at top of this page and follow the instructions that follow.
20.How can I add a winning campaign?
If you’d like to add an award, locate your post on and add your contribution accordingly.
21.How much does it cost?
We may be criminals but we are not in the business of conducting daylight robbery. The price is variable depending on what type of page you desire, but for further information simply get in touch with the centre of operations at
22.What are the benefits of becoming a member of the elite?
You receive recognition for all your hard work by receiving loves while raising your position in the member ranking. Additionally, people can discover the campaigns you made when checking out your profile.

Contact information

The headquarters resides in Belgium (That’s right. We are a classified elite from a country in Europe).

Tel: +32 497 888 439

About us is an exclusive advertising blog founded by three college allies in 2009. Our mission was to secure a profession in the advertising world, and we grasped this opportunity to launch our career. As it just so happens our mission proved to be a success, today all three of us work in international advertising agencies and the blog has over 100,000 unique visitors each month…

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