Starting today, I will write a monthly post regarding advertising placement.

This month Creative Criminals will present you the best advertisements placed on benches. I have been surfing the net the last couple of weeks in search for special, mostly ambient advertisement, placed on benches. Each advertisement will be accompanied by a short explanation. All the bench advertisements that will be made in the future will be added to this topic. Enjoy these benchvertisements.

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Denver Water

On this bench features the slogan “Use only what you need”. It was placed on corners of park benches leaving the rest blank. The campaign further existed of TV commercial, a bus ad, a billboard and a car ambient. The Denver Water commissioned the $1 million campaign, which was launched in early July 2007, to further its goal of reducing water consumption by 22 percent.

2007, Sukle Advertising & Design, USA

Kit Kat

Kit Kat advertises with the slogan: “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”. There for a bench is a great way to promote their four-finger chocolate-covered biscuit bar. Especially since the bars of a benche look the same as the bars of the biscuit.



2009, JWT London, United Kingdom


Becherovka is a traditional Czech liquor enjoyed equally by men and women. Long-term communication strategy is captured in their slogan: Get closer. That is why this Becherovka bench is specially designed to get people closer.

2007, Mark BBDO, Prague, Czech Republic


Erasco is a German producer of canned soups and related products. It is part of the Campbell Soup Company. The bench cover in snow is used Erasco to promote their “Heisse Tasse” meaning “Hot Cup”. The place where the person sat is defrosted for the reason that he/she drank the hot soup.

2006, Young & Rubicam, Germany

Martial Arts Academy

This bench, made of stone, has a crack in it. Under the crack is a sticker placed for a Martial Arts Academy, indicating that someone has hit the bench with the palm of his hand.

2004, McCann Erickson, Mumbai, India

Clean & Save

This is a bench in Mumbai India. As you can see the advertisement “Keep our city clean & save” is not very effective.

Mumbai, India


This advertisement was made for Pampers, a brand of baby products marketed by Procter & Gamble. The slogan on the extreme tall bench says: “See how sitting can be a real work-out. When you see the world as a baby does, you see how to help them move easier.”

2004, Saatchi & Saatchi, Germany

Slim Fast Diet Drink

This really small bench is a realization by McCann Erickson for Slim Fast, a diet drink. Implying that people who are not able to sit on this bench have to lose weight by using their product.

2006, McCann Erickson, Frankfurt, Germany

Book bench

I guess this bench was made in the shape of an open book to promote a book written by the Turkish writer Orhan Veli Kanik.

2006, Turkey

Kellogg’s Special K

This bench bends downwards when someone is sitting on. The sign on the bench says: Time for special K, 99% Fat Free.

2002, Michael Conrad & Leo Burnett, Frankfurt, Germany

Travel Albert ski lift

This campaign was made for Travel Alberta. On several locations across Toronto transit riders could sit on a bench in the shape of ski lifts climbing into the Rockie Mountains.

2006, McCann Erickson, Frankfurt, Germany

Telia football

With Telia you can watch football anywhere in Sweden due to live broadcasts. The benches in different cities where painted in the colors of the football shirts of that city. On the seats itself there was written the message you can watch live broadcasts anywhere you want.

2008, Storåkers McCann, Sweden

Cancer Research Fundraising

Cancer Research Uk used engraved memorial park benches to commemorable people who survided the disease.

2005, Ogilvy, London, United Kingdom

Emirates Today

A newspaper in English that uses the slogan: Small in size, heavy in content. As you can see the bench is not leveled putting the emphasis on heavy content.

2005, TBWA\RAAD, Dubai, United, United Arabic Emirates

Hinz & Kunzt Street Newspaper

This bench advertisement is made for Hinz & Kunzt Street Newspaper. It looks like somebody is living near the bench. Homeless people usually sleep on benches in parks and this way Hinz & Kunzt want to make people aware these are far from ideal circumstances to live. The sign on the bench says: ‘don’t let this place be a home”

2007, MKK Werbagentur, Hamburg, Germany