A great way to gain exposure for your product or service is to advertise at bus stops. People have to wait until the bus arrives and do not have too much to do besides waiting. But also drivers and pedestrians get attracted by bus stop advertisements.

This month I have selected the most creative bus stop advertisements that make you look twice! View all bus stop advertisements after the jump.

1. Ikea

2. Ikea

3. Australian Post: Stamp

4. Fitness First

5. Guarana Antarctica

6. Apple: Macbook Air (Student work)

7. Mc Donald’s

8. Mc Donald’s: Free Coffee

9. Mc Donald’s: Open 24 hours

10. Pru Health: Oranges

11. Osram: Only use electricity when you need it.

12. Playstation 2

13. Quick Silver: Surfboard

14. Quick Silver skateboard

15. Simpsons: The Movie

16. Star Wars: Lightsaber

17. United Way Of Greater Milwaukee: Cardboard roof

18. Movie up: Balloons

19. The Victoria Bug Zoo: Look through bugs eyes

20. Hasbro: How does it feel to be involved in a crime

21. Simpsons: Marge’s hair

22. Nike: Bernard Lagat

23. 3M: Security Glass

24. McDonald’s: Wiener Platz

25. Ten: The Biggest Loser couples

26. Google Street View

27. Le Lait: Milk Carton

28. Norwegian: Sauna

29. The Salvation Army: Fill The Kettle

30. Caribou Coffee: Oven

31: Smirnoff: hut

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