Everyday plenty of violent news are shared by the media: war, racism, murder and vandalism. News that makes it difficult for us to find peace. Therefore, in celebration of the International Day of Peace, BCP launched CTRL+ Finding Peace: an action on social media that motivated users to find peace amongst such violence.

Using ASCII code, users found images of characters that dedicated their lives to fighting for peace. This way they discovered Gandhi, John Paul II and Nelson Mandela. The images were built based on “P” letters that appeared after a simple procedure:

1. Highlight every letter on the image

2. Press CTRL + F

3. Type letter “P” in the pop-up box

4. Finally, look at the character´s face!

It´s goal was to raise awareness in a different and playful way to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Additionally, to remember that for these men everything was possible and that they always fought for their dreams just like Peruvians do. Finding peace in the digital world.