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1. Rindert Dalstra TBWA
2. Julien Levilain Buzzman
3. Sander Janssen Ogilvy & Mather
4. Bert Callens
5. Peggy Khoury
6. Oscar Muñante
7. Michella Olivia
9. Adam Yeoh
10. Jaime Cornejo
11. sagi betesh
12. Xavi Bernabé McCann
13. Em Chung
14. Murtaza Patel
15. Marta Benlloch
16. Marijn Buijs TBWA
17. Udi Avital
18. Allen Marchant Publicis
19. Daniel Garcia
20. Kacper Wozniak TBWA
21. Hae Jae
22. kavita gupta
23. Marcelo Perez Vite
24. Felipe Santos
25. Tom Syryn TBWA
26. Martin Cedergren
27. Dimar Warsihantari
28. Karen De Weerdt TBWA
29. Jan Govaert Boondoggle
30. Sidebar 316
31. ana Villalta
32. Schakir Islamow BBDO
33. Gert Pauwels TBWA
34. frederick morel TBWA
35. joachim francois TBWA
36. Gilles Dumont
37. Virginie Hayet TBWA
38. Tal Epshtein
39. Tom Theys Publicis
40. Xabier Loor
41. Greg Van Buggenhout TBWA
42. annelies eskens TBWA
43. Colette De Raedt TBWA
44. Jasper Govaerts TBWA
45. Nathalie De Sitter TBWA
46. Simone Risola
47. Karel Gomez McCann
48. Ann Vanminsel TBWA
49. Anthony Buyssens TBWA
50. Peter Loiseaux TBWA
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