Agency Ranking

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3rd 0 BBH, London 744
6. -2 TBWA, Brussels 643
7. 0 McCann, Tel Aviv 466
8. +1 BBDO, New York 417
11. +1 AMV BBDO, London 353
13. +1 DDB, Amsterdam 341
16. +2 Serviceplan, Munich 318
20. -1 Grey, Düsseldorf 297
22. 0 JWT, São Paulo 279
23. 0 TBWA, Paris 270
24. +1 Droga5, New York 245
26. +15 Buzzman, Paris 241
27. -1 Mother, London 231
29. -2 BETC, Paris 228
30. -2 BBDO, Toronto 223
31. -1 Grey, London 221
32. 0 Grey, New York 217
34. 0 Publicis, Brussels 207
35. -2 Publicis, Paris 204
36. -1 Cheil, Seoul 194
37. -1 Leo Burnett, Madrid 192
39. 0 Publicis, Milan 189
40. -2 lg2, Montreal 188
41. -1 Marcel, Paris 185
42. 0 Y&R, Amsterdam 178
43. 0 N=5, Amsterdam 176
44. 0 JWT, New York 176
45. +1 Y&R, Johannesburg 176
48. +1 FCB, São Paulo 172
49. -1 BBDO, Düsseldorf 170
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Frequently asked questions

How can I enhance my existing ranking?
The ranking is based on your love count. What’s that you say? Yes, you did hear correctly - every love your campaign is awarded increases your overall ranking.
How often is the ranking updated?
Witness your ranking rise right before your eyes. Every single love awarded to you will have an immediate influence on your ranking.
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Once your agency profile has been successfully initiated, your agency will be automatically added to the ranking once we’ve verified its authenticity.
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Engage the submit work tab in the menu above and follow the simple instructions that follow.
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