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Today the 56th edition of Cannes Lions started and will last untill the 27th of June. It is the biggest advertising event in the world, where the best commercials are awarded by a jury that consists of member from the best advertising agencies.

Cannes Lions is divided into eleven categories:
Films, Press, Outdoor, Lions Direct, Media Lions, Cyber Lions, Radio Lions, Promo Lions, Titanium & Integrated Lions, Design Promotion and PR Lions (new since this year)

Despite the popularity of this prestige contest, the entries descended with 20% this year due to the economic crisis.
To give you an idea, last year 28.284 entries were sent in, this year only 22.652..

But less quantity doesn’t mean less quality..
Some made a list of the favourites and yes, in the 3 months Creative Criminals is online, several of our ‘chosen ones’ are potential award winners.

Here are some examples:
Everybody is against Everybody
The T-Mobile Dance
Get it on
Sprint: Useless facts
Philips Carousel

Here’s another funny entry..
Ever busted your partner cheating on you, by sniffing somebody else?
No? Well this man does..

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