Superbowl 2013 commercials19

Last night we watched some great Super Bowl XLVII commercials. After the jump you can find one of the most complete collections of these great ads. Which one is your favourite?

1. Ram Trucks: Farmer (The Richards Group)

2. Axe: Apollo (BBH, London)

3. Best Buy: Asking Amy (CP+B)

4. Wolf (McGarryBowen)

5. Century 21: Wedding (Red Tettemer and Partners)

6. Chrysler: A title you can earn

7. Coca-Cola: Coke Chase (Wieden + Kennedy)

8. Doritos: Fashionista daddy

8 b. Doritos: Goat 4 sale

9. E-Trade: Baby, save it (Grey, New York)

10. Ford: Some things never change

11. Fiat: Topless commercial

11 b. Fiat: Wedding

12. Gildan Activewear: Getaway (DeVito/Verdi)

13. Go Daddy: Your big idea (Deutsch)

13 b. Go Daddy: Smart meets sexy (Deutsch)

14. Hyundai: Gaspocalypse (Innocean worldwide)

14 b. Hyundai: Epic playdate

15. Kia: Space babies (David&Goliath)

15 b. Kia: Hotbots (David&Goliath)

16. M&M’s: Love ballad (BBDO, New York)

17. Mercedes: Soul (Merkley + Partners, New York)

17 b. Mercedes: Kate Upton washes the car in slow motion

18. Milk Processor Education Program: Morning run (Deutsch, New York)

19. Mio: Anthem (Taxi, New York)

20. Oreo: Whisper fight (Wieden + Kennedy)

21. Paramount: Star Trek into darkness

21 b. Paramount: World war Z

21 c. Paramount: Iron Man 3

22. Pepsi: Party (TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles)

23. Pizza Hut: HUT HUT HUT

24. Samsung: The next big thing

24 b. Samsung: El plato supreme

25. Skechers: Man vs cheetah

26. SodaStream: Effect (Common)

27. Taco Bell: Viva young (Deutsch)

28. Tide: Miracle stain (Saatchi & Saatchi)

29. Time Warner Cable: The walking dead

30. Toyota: Wish granted (Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles)

31. Universal Pictures: Fast & Furious 6

32. Volkswagen: Get in. Get happy. (Deutsch, Los Angeles)

32 b. Volkswagen: Sunny side (game day teaser commercial)

33. Walt Disney Pictures: The lone ranger

33 b. Walt Disney Pictures: Oz the great and powerful

34. Wonderful Pistachios: PSY, get crackin’

35. Audi: Prom (Venables, Bell and Partners)

36. Prudential portfolio: Stickers

37. Becks: No Diggity (Mother)

38. Speed stick: Unattended laundry (Red Fuse)

39. Bud Light: Lucky Chair (Translation)

39 b. Bud Light: Journey (Translation)

40. Budweiser: Celebration (Anomaly)

40 b. Budweiser: The Clysedales brotherhood (Anomaly)

40 c. Budweiser: Coronation (Anomaly)

41. Licoln: Phoenix (Hudson Rouge)

42. Blackberry: What Blackberry 10 can’t do (BBDO, London)

43. Calvin Klein: Concept (Baron + Baron)

44. Playstation: God of war, from ashes

45. Farm Bureau Insurance: Treehouse (Young & Laramore, Indianapolis)

45 b. Farm Bureau Insurance: Apartment (Young & Laramore, Indianapolis)

45 c. Farm Bureau Insurance: Just married (Young & Laramore, Indianapolis)

46. Allstate: Forbidden fruit

47. Jeep: Whole again

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